Tuesday, December 29, 2009


LIMITED TIME OFFER!- Order ANY item from Erin's Arts and Crafts by Jan. 31 and receive a FREE 9in x 12in multiple original of "WORTHY" signed by me. This is a $10 value for FREE! It means that I will be hand drawing your very own copy. Every order will receive a free "Worthy" (one per household, unless ordering another copy) so there is no need to mention it in an email.

I have made and sold several multiple originals of this artwork already, but it will be a limited edition with 50 hand drawn copies maximum.

Thanks! Erin McGann


I got my OMGym set up in the attic, here is me from below! Yay for inversion yoga!


Back towards the beginning of November I hosted a Peasants Feast and showing of RENT party. For those of you un-obsessed with the musical/movie RENT, a peasants feast was something that the guy who wrote RENT (Jonathan Larson) used to have with his friends. Pretty much it's a pot luck dinner. You eat what people bring, you use whatever dishes you have, you sit where you can and most of all you enjoy community and fellowship. Stephe and I hand-delivered and mailed out about 20 invitations, and had 17 of those show up which was awesome. Everyone hung around for the movie... some of us seasoned veterans of the movie, others exposed for the first time.

If you've never seen the movie, here is my advice. Watch it twice. The first time will leave you disappointed. The second time you will cry, sing along and fall head over heels in love with all of the characters. I don't know why this is, but it's happened to me and several others.

I've included some pictures from the Peasants Feast. Out of all the food, only one dish had any meat! Go VEGGIES!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Okay, so today I saw Avatar with one of my favoritist people in the world, Brenton. In addition to it being fabulous to hang out with him, we got to see the fantastical Avatar movie which is like Ferngully on crack. The earthy hippy enviro side of me wanted to cry at seeing trees torn down, and the nerdy side of me thought about how cool it would be to actually BE an AVATAR.

The only thing I didn't like; The two bright red dots on my nose left over from wearing those darn 3D goggles.

Tonight, like a warrior into the night, I'll head out on the town with Heather some others to conquer the town. As we say betwix friends, "Tonight is not the night for morals." Sound scandalous? It's not. It just means that we'll laugh and enjoy frosties and probably be more loud than normal. After all, my crazy days are long gone. I'm a nerdy artist now!

As far as my art making goes.... it's on hold for Christmas break. I'm enjoying my Omgym (which I got set up in my parents attic for now) and sleeping and movie watching and hanging with friends. Tomorrow I'll tackle some art history research, but for now... off to enjoy the night!

Be safe everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good Friends, Good Wine and PENN STATE!

So I've spent the last couple days with people I love dearly, and hope to continue this loving trend. I stopped over at my art-eest friends apartment the other night and we had lots of laughs and enjoyed sharing music videos on the beloved Youtube. If you'd like to see one of the videos, you should check out Ingrid Michaelson's song Maybe. She's artsy... and as we ALL know... Artsy = Super Fantastic!

Then I spent time at Stephe's place with his parents, sister and her boyfriend. All amazing people! We had some delicious food called Pad Thai- which I'm sure you've heard of... and which I am perfectly certain I have no idea how to make. But I ate it anyhow... YUM!

Today I made the trek north to my most beloved State College... home of Penn State's main campus and my wonderful family. This area is also known as Happy Valley (for good reason), and Pleasantville. I've spent most of my life in State College, but more importantly I grew up basically in Penn State. If any of you have visited, or gone to Penn State, you understand that Penn State is not a school or a destination or a place to visit. IT. IS. A. CLAN. We are (Penn State!) all completely in love with the school. It's why two states and a district away there are people with Penn State magnets on their cars, license plate rims, stickers in their windows, sweatshirts, sweatpants and t-shirts all representing Penn State. There is something fantastically warming to be able to call down the hallway of the building I work in to one of our assistant principles (who is also from Penn State) with a "WE ARE" and receive a, "PENN STATE" yell back. Ah...warms the heart! If you have a warm memory about Penn State... whether it be Paterno-ville, being a top rated party school, or just fun times with friends at games, in the dorms (or perhaps you just really liked eating pizza off of the carpet, or drinking too much coffee at the HUB... cough cough, ehem...you know who you are ladies) please share.

As for tonight, Merry Christmas Eve. Everyone be safe and I hope your homes and hearts are filled with love tonight and tomorrow as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Love others and your life will be filled with love.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

9 holes later

So for my birthday, my boyfriend got me the OMGYM which I tried out at the DC Green Festival several months ago. I'm super psyched to have one, and so after receiving it I went to the store to purchase drill bits and porch screws so that I could install this hanging yoga-licious wonder smack dab in the middle of my living room.

I charged the drill, put in the smallest drill bit, pulled over a chair to stand on and did my best to figure out where the joist was. Nine holes spanning 10 inches later, covered in dry wall powder, I decided that this undertaking might have to wait until another day... like when I have a stud-finder.

So how did I fix the holes?

With my Natural Dentist toothpaste! It's white like my ceiling and plugged the holes right up.

Unwrapped Gifts- Green Tips

For the holidays I wanted to share one of my favorite songs. The message is powerful and beautiful, just like Faith Hill who sings it. It talks about the impact a baby can have on a person, but more importantly the impact that one specific baby, our Lord Jesus Christ, had on our salvation. As much as I'd love to gush about Him, I'm going to leave it at that and let the video do the speaking.

If you're anything like me... you still have a couple gifts to purchase... and the ones you have purchased aren't wrapped yet. If I can make a suggestion for wrapping your presents I would say that wrapping them in old newsprint could be a very thrifty way to save money and help the environment. If you don't get a newspaper delivered, props to you!! But unfortunately enough people still do and you could ask a neighbor or stop by the library or office building. To 'dress up the paper' use a water soluable non-toxic paint and make fun designs on the outside, and then slap a bow on that sucker and you're golden.

Just a thought! Cheers!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jewelry, School's Cancelled and Song

So today I finally posted the photos of my jewelry in my store http://www.etsy.com/shop/ebm126 and they look really cool! Go figure. Even more awesome than this is that I don't have to go to work tomorrow! Woot woot!
So, I spent some time today shoveling, and loaned out my shovel to a few people who thanked me with cookies and wine! I guess it does pay to be nice to others.

So, I wanted to write about my longest best friend in the world, Heather, and all of our marvelous musical abilities. I hope you can smell the sarcasm on this one... about the music I mean. Starting back in 7th grade when Heather and I first met, we began writing songs... most often to the tunes of other songs. Below I'd like to showcase some of our song lyrics...ah if only I could sing them to you....romantically, with a rose in hand and low candle light and perhaps a BAH of wine... What's a a BAH you ask? It might be a bottle... it might be a box... you just never know.

To the tune of Joan Osbornes song "One of Us"
what if God had a purple bus? like the color of my hair? and would you ride his purple bus, if it wasn't always clean? you'd have to ride it all dirty. Just trying to get his bus clean....

Midnight in the Garden of Flower-played with our foreheads on the black keys of the piano (yes, we'd had a BAH of wine...or two)
Shwimp fwied wice... and bwoccowi.... we wike to eat.... bwoccowi

and most recently our BAH of wine series...
Would you like a Bah of Wine? or perhaps a Bah of wine? you should know which one you wish... cause I sing it in Engrish

I work at college buffet, I make shwimp fwied wice and bwoccowi, would you like a bah of wine with that? would you like a bah of wine with that? ding won ton done! ding won ton done!

would you like to tailgate in the snow, because that is what we will have to do, because we're getting an inch or two!!

and many more.

Oh Heather... I am so glad you and I have the same ridiculous sense of humor.

On a totally different note... Food Inc. is on right now. If you're at all interested in what you're putting into your body 3 times a day, you should check this out. It talks about the origin and health of our food. Super interesting.

Anyhow, thank you for all of you who are taking the time to be supportive of me in my efforts on here an on etsy. Much love to all of you... and even if you don't want my stuff, please pass on my name if you find someone who might.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Blizzard Land

So today it snowed. A lot. As in we have almost 2 feet of snow on the ground. I left my shovel outside with a note saying that people could borrow it as long as they returned it. Since I live on the first floor, I watched several people take it to make failed attempted to dig themselves out of Father Winter's blizzardly like mess. I also made sure to take a few pictures to send to my mom who loves taking pictures of crazy weather- especially the snow- and then sends them to us. I thought I'd send some back, such as the one above.

The being couped up thing hasn't been bad. My boyfriend made it here last night before the snow started, and brought his dog along, so our cozy klan has been watching movies, doing crafts, and drinking hot tea all day. I've been the one having to walk his dog though and there is really nothing funnier or sadder than watching a dog go to the bathroom in snow that is the exact height as ..well... you get the idea.

So going back to my book of crafts I decided to attempt to make some paper mache beads. In traditional Erin style, I did some improvising. To be clear, my improvising is usually the result of laziness mixed with a hefty dose of impatience. I'm the kind that will plug in a blow drier to make my finger nail polish dry faster, or use a nail file to tighten a screw because its closer.

So the process said I would need to shred/blend paper. I did this with no problem because I have made my own paper before (my blender was a Christmas gift from my parents, and when opened my parents commented on how now I could make shakes or margaritas, and I replied that it was for making paper. they didn't believe me. home made paper vs. margarita...... paper wins.) Anyhow, the recipe called for paper mache powder... but I don't have any of this, so I thought I'd use glue. Then I rolled my glue-y paper pulp into small bead like balls and put them on wax paper. This is where I'm supposed to wait a few days for them to dry before painting them... but what's the fun in that!? So, I popped them in the oven for 30 minutes on 200. Bad idea. They all stuck to the wax paper and so I'm pretty sure they might all be ruined. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to salvage a few though.

Anyhow, I moved onto making jewelry (which will be in my shop shortly... http://www.etsy.com/shop/ebm126) which I also am not usually very good at, but surprisingly, they all turned out really cool! I guess God didn't want to do feel completely lame, at least not twice in the same day.

Things that are sad about snowy days... missing your friends party.... not making babysitting money....knowing that the homeless cats you feed are probably freezing.

Things that are AWESOME about snowy days... knowing that this might be the start of a super long holiday break!

I just hope it clears up before I have to head home to PA. I get to hang out with all my friends back home- Heather, Jamie, Brenton, Dave, and hopefully a few others like Adriane. I found out that Jessie won't be there which sucks, because holidays are the few times we get to catch up. Guess I'll just have to start stalking her.... or you could on http://www.mutheringheights.com/ She's also super GREEN. It's awesome how friends can move apart and still be so similar, as if there is a force outside of our own consciousness that keeps us from ever falling away from one another.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Artistically Challenged

So now that you know my whole green mentality, you'll appreciate that the journals I've recently got into making are created from melting together old grocery bags. What you might appreciate more is the ridiculousness of the process of making them.

First off, I don't often get plastic bags. Remember- I've been using fabric grocery bags for years leaving me bagless. Most of my plastic bags consumption comes from food packaging, such as my lunch from Subway, or the bag my carrots come in, or the leftover bread bag. The few grocery bags I do have are used for cat poo/ getting rid of the dead bodies. haha, jk. So anyhow, even finding bags has been interesting.

Secondly, the journals are a spin off of a craft I found in a book on how to do environmentally friendly crafts. This book- as awesome as it is- makes the melting of the plastic seem like a piece of cake. It. Simply. Is. Not.

THEIR DIRECTIONS: Lay down wax paper, put 6 layers of plastic bags on top, cover with wax paper, iron on medium high on both sides for a couple minutes and then peel off wax paper.

MY DIRECTIONS: Lay down wax paper, put 6 layers of plastic bags on top, cover with wax paper, iron on medium high trying not to accidently place the iron on plastic hanging out from under the wax paper, avoid toxic plastic gases when you do this anyhow using a ninja-like dodge and weave move, burn your hands in the process of flipping over the stack of melting bags and wax paper, iron the other side, watch the wax paper adhere PERMANENTLY to the plastic bags making it almost impossible to get any off, attempt to peel the wax paper off of one side with mild success which causes the entire stack to curl into a scroll like object that refuses to unroll, place one half under a book in hopes of cooling it down and flattening it while you struggle to peel off the other side of wax paper. Realize that you've only partially succeeded and that the thing is so crinkled that it needs to be RE-Ironed. Good Lord...

Anyhow, the good thing about this is that I'm slowly learning how to make the entire process easier and adjusting the temperature settings on the iron. I love the end result, other than cutting the paper by hand is anything but fun, because each journal is individual and varies in size. Also the millions of plastic and paper scraps all over my floor is making me an expert at vaccuming, and it gives my cats fun things to play with.

Within the month I'll be doing a demo for the National Art Honor Society kids at my school... hopefully I figure this whole process out by then! Fingers crossed!

I only have 3 journals completed at the moment, but if you'd like me to make one for you specifically, just let me know what size and what kind of paper you want in it (blank, lined, or a combination). I can probably do an intial or two, or perhaps a simple image, on the front if you want as well- and all with only minor cuts and burns or treatable lung cancer.

Check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/ebm126 and go to the Journals Section. They can be refilled once you've finished filling all the pages! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here Goes Something...

First off, you should know that I'm a ninja and I frequently hide in shadows, ANNND that I'm standing right behind you. No. Seriously... I'm right behind you.

Anyhow, a couple weeks ago my grandmother passed away (she was a ninja too), but don't think that this is going to be depressing... in fact, I shared that because she was such an inspiration to me. She worked hard on her watercolor paintings for longer than I've been alive.

So here I am trying to figure out how the heck to market myself in the art world, keeping her in my mind. I've never been very good at doing this kind of thing. I failed miserably at being a Mary K. lady... as in, I said I'd do it, showed up for two meetings and told them I was quitting. Partly because I can't stand being around girls that clap and say "Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy- breath-yyyyyyyyyyyyy" after everything (barf!) but mostly because my ability to pressure a stranger into letting me put make up on them let alone ACTUALLY sell them anything was never going to happen. I get too nervous and uncomfortable, and I'm not exactly the best example of 'good skin' considering my face still thinks that I'm 15.

So that brings me to this blog where I'll get to vent, and talk about all the 'glory' of trying to juggle one more thing in my life. My bestie Jessie does this all the time. Her blog is all pretty and sparkly and cute, and mine will probably be borring- at least until I kidnap her and make her fix it.

About me- I live and teach in Northern Virginia (the 51st state) which means that my day starts at 4:45 am monday through friday. I have two cats- Diego and Ninja- who were both homeless before I decided to take them in. I have an awesome boyfriend who is completely supportive of EVERYTHING I do... even my relentless singing of RENT songs. I try to live a GREEN lifestyle as much as possible by doing little things on a daily basis.

My GREEN living habits include:
Composting: haven't thrown food in the trash for three years now
Home made Laundry Detergent: Got this idea from the one and only Jessie
Recycle: Duh.
Buy used items whenever possible
Use rags instead of paper towels almost always; I've used one roll total in the last 4 months... it's good to have them around... I just avoid them when I can and instead keep a hefty supplie of rags around which I wash and reuse.
Fabric grocery bags: Been doing this for the last 4 years
All natural kitty litter: the clay stuff causes cancer anyhow.
Fabric napkins instead of paper ones (I sell hand sewn ones on my Etsy.com account)

Anyhow, it's late and I have to get up in a few hours. Hope you enjoyed my first post.

Check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/ebm126 to see my shop. Lots of GREEN items for my earth friendly friends, as well as paintings, drawings, collages, and gift bags.

Peace and LOVE and gratitude!