Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Epic Fail

Okay, so this is NOT me on the bike. I tried to find a different image, but this worked because it's an epic fail and hilarious and my story involves my bike.

A year ago I got a used bike from a friend who sells bikes. I was with my (then) boyfriend (now fiance) who used to be a sponsored cyclist. I trusted them when I got the bike, considering they know about bikes and I... well... don't.

Ride 1: First ride around the neighborhood. Distance: less than a mile. Up hill # 1. Good so far. Stephen was with me and we ran into a neighbor of his... he gets to talking and I head down the big hill. Good so far. I head back UP the big hill #2 and my back tire falls off halfway up. Stephen is still talking, I'm slightly hurt with a broken bike on the side of the road. I get tire back on and continue.

Ride 2: Bike to grocery store and other stores. Distance: 5 miles. No problems other than the incredible amount of grease getting all over my pants. It seems like A LOT of grease. I ask Stephen if it's normal, he says it's fine. Okay.

Ride 3: Bike to Stephen's house in less than an hour. Distance: 14 miles. No problems. I now trust my bike. This, unfortunately, is a poor decision.

Ride 4: Bike to Stephen's house in less than my previous time. Distance 14 miles. Halfway through, as I'm making INCREDIBLE time, the chain breaks and rolls off the back of the bike. Stephen has to come get me. We get the chain 'fixed'. I now am beginning to hate the bike.

I didn't ride the bike for a long time because... well... I wasn't too fond of it at this point... it's wheel-falling-off-greasy-chain-breakery had put a foul rusty taste in my mouth... that of sucking on a copper pipe.

Then, this past weekend I decided, oh hell, I need to exercise so I'll ride to Stephen's place.

Ride 5: Bike to Stephen's place from my new apartment. Distance: 19 miles. I'm not racing myself, but 1 mile into it my chain pops off the bike. I fix it, getting my hands all GREASETASTIC in the process and continue. Then, it seems like smooth sailing when I come around a corner and a BASTARDLY VERIZON truck is blocking the path. I'd been in a high gear and had to completely stop before I could downshift. I gingerly walk my bike over the curb and then try to get going again on the flat ground and SNAP my chain rolls off the back of the bike. Once again, Stephen had to come get me.

We took the bike back and within a couple hours, our friend had hooked me up with a used bike that had almost never been riden. It's so purdy and red and I can't wait to kick some trail a** now!

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