Friday, July 2, 2010

The Camera of Adventure

So this summer I'm babysitting two incredibly awesome elementary age girls. We have a long action packed summer ahead of us, insured by our list of "Cool Things We Want To Do". Each day we try to do one or more of the activities, which range from: Going to DC, to Reading.... from Riding Bikes, and Hiking, to "Spa Day" (this is today).

I realized that we needed some kind of documentation of our journey through the summer, so on our first day together of the summer we biked to Giant to purchase a disposable camera in which we capture our activities with fun photos. I'm hoping to help them build scrap books at the end of the summer, so each day I have them write a little about what they thought about what we did.

It's only been a week, but so far we've biked, read, played board games, been to the spy museum, and gone ice skating.

We call the camera "THE CAMERA OF ADVENTURE" which I losely coined after a day 3 years ago when I had students for 4 straight hours during SOL testing. We certainly couldn't do the same thing for 4 hours, so I allowed creativity to go unbridled with some cardboard boxes, paint, and fabric and the result was a decorated 4 foot "boat" with a mast and sail, and holes cut in the bottom so that 2-3 people could actually carry the 'boat using interior shoulder straps. Ridiculous. This boat was called (phoenetically spelled) "GWATAHMALAH- The Ship of Adventure."

Kids crack me up.